November 25, 2008

pretty sweet!

WELL for Thanksgiving i'm gonna go to Idaho! I'm pretty excited. And, NO i haven't seen Twilight if anyone is wondering. I don't know if it will be good. But i'll find out! On Friday I went laser tagging with some friends. It was pretty fun! There were 23 of us and I got 22nd place. :( -- hey! atleast i'm not the worst! but I'm really bad. aNyWaYs... yesterday i cleaned the church with my family. after we went to Macoroni Grill cause my grandparents and two aunts and uncles gave us a gift certificate- how nice! It was really delicious! well i'm gonna go so see ya!


livin young said...

omg. that is so tight. i hope you have a sick time in idaho.
:) have fun. luv ya.-alyson