March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks day!!

hApPy St PaTrIcKs DaY! even though it is kinda pointless.. Today was a great day! Except for yesterday.. At track me and my friend Kaylee asked the coach what we should do today and she said go to jumping. So we went there and the distance runners had already left to run to Great Harvest to get some free bread. So then, like 10 minutes later the jumping coach was like "actually i want you guys to go with distance!" and we were pretty mad so, ya know just kinda walked off. Then we started running and had no clue where we were going!! Who knows how to get to Great harvest bread???!!? So finally, after running like 2 miles extra, we got there. Today has been a good day! :) Alyson, Alisa and I won on our Spanish movies and so we watched them in the Auditoruim place. Hopefully we win! (right guys? haha..) Tomorrow I have tumbling and on friday I'm goin with a friend to sleep at her cabin. It should be a fun week!

March 8, 2009

St. George

In st george we went to a few of my cousins baseball championship games!

my dog sadie :)

here we are at the game

March 7, 2009

big n' chunky! :)

yesterday I hung out with Jane and Kaylee. It was super fun! We went hot-tubbing, did hair, and best of all-- danced to big n' chunky! From Madagascar 2. (i like 'em big... i like 'em chunky..) Today I filmed my Spanish movie with some friends, and babysat. And tonight I'm going to a party! Monday we don't have school! I'm probably gonna go skiing or hang out.