February 8, 2009

what's up?

Last Monday when we didn't have school, I went skiing with my friend tristen. It was super fun. We went for 8 hours! and i only fell down once, which was when I ran into a tree. :D on friday, i went to the Utah flash basket ball game. we made many interesting memories there. haha... (right, alyson?!)
yesterday i babysat most of the day and went and got new tennies with my mom. cuz i'm pretty sure i'm gonna run track this year! today is fast sunday. if i finish the BOM by christmas break, my dad is gonna take us to a really fancy reseraunt-- the melting pot! anyways, comment on my blog!


livin young said...

yes, that was very memorable. i will never forget the day i found my future husband:) (jk:)

*kylie* said...

you wish! you just wait... =) we should go to another one of those games! you'll never know who we may find!