April 23, 2009

Spring Break!!

For Spring Break, I went to Newport beach, california!! It was super fun. On Easter sunday my cousins came over to our hotel and we ate dinner, played games, and walked to the beach. I got a bunch of candy and a new swimsuit! We also had this major easter egg hunt that our hotel did. Monday we went to Seaworld. We went to all the fun shows and even got our pic taken with a dolphin!! Tuesday, we swam, went to the shake shack, played games, went to beach, and stuff like that. Wednesday we went to Disneyland and California Adventure! We got a hopper pass. Although it was really busy, we had a blast! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we did more beach, pool and other fun stuff! I got sunburnt (or burned.. whatever) Here are some pix :D.. sorry, the rest of the pix from like disneyland and stuff are still on my camera. maybe i'll post those later. comment!


Anonymous said...

kylie- it's so fun to find your blog!! Your trip looks fun!! Say hi to your mom and dad. michelle wood

caitlin said...

looks like so much fun!